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Transformation Packs


Tell me if this sounds like you: You’ve tried so many diets, supplements and gym routines but you still haven’t dropped the weight.

That's because your diet isn’t calculated. You need to find a balanced calorie deficit unique to your body; otherwise your fat isn’t going anywhere!

Follow the questions below and you’ll get a customised plan complete with weekly check-ins and FULL SUPPORT for 6 weeks.

Signing up to the Transformation pack is committing to our 6 week plan.


Dayne Hudson who will be with you every step of the way is a Sports Nutrition Specialist and the host/creator of FIT'N'FLEXED as seen on Channel Ten in Australia. He is also the force behind FITNFLEXED.COM

Dayne cuts through the notorious murkiness of the fitness industry to bring you the truth.


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